A Stateless Quiz System
with Raku

by Arne Sommer

A Stateless Quiz System with Raku

[Who cares about article numbers anyway?] Published 5. June 2023

In this talk I'll present a system for making a stateless quiz application on the web, using Cro. The initial version requires the correct answer at each stage, before allowing you to go on. We'll set up an

Then I'll have a go at doing more complicated things, to see how far we can take this, while still being useful.

Question 1: Is it really stateless?
Answer: Yes. We do not save anything about the progress of the users on the server.

Question 2: But the information embedded in the URLs that are passed to the user and back again contain state, don't they?
Answer: Well. We do not save the state on the server, so the answer is No.

Question 3: But the list of questions, the order, and the correct answers are all stored on the server, and that surely is part of the state?
Answer: Go away.

This is a proposed talk for The Raku Conference in Riga in August of 2023.