Raku Musings

by Arne Sommer
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Raku Articles

A Stateless Quiz System with Raku • 18. August 2023
[250] Celebrating 250 articles with a set of articles about a Quiz system that does not need to keep track of the users.

United States of Anagrams with Raku • 11. September 2022
[200] Using Raku to generate anagrams, single and multi-word.

Fooled by a Sequence, Twice • 12. March 2022
[173] How a tired (or lazy) programmer got fooled by the documentation.

Bugs R Us - A Transit::Network Update • 19. December 2021
[161] Version 0.0.1 of «Transit::Network» had a serious bug in the vehicle command, introduced just before it was published.

Planning Public Transportation with Raku • 15. December 2021
[159] Presenting my module «Transit::Network» and the accompanying program «networkplanner», that can be used to plan and test public transportation departures.

Amazingly Raku - Part 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 • 9. December 2020
[94] Five additional parts to this article, presenting the module «Game::Amazing» and two games. And a maze editor.

Centenary Sequences with Raku • 4. November 2020
[100] Celebrating 100 Raku articles with 100 Sequences

Amazingly Raku • 28. September 2020
[94] Mazes are fun. We can use Raku to create them, and to solve them (check if they are traversable).

Seven Bridges to Raku - Part 5: Paris Metro • 25. August 2020
[81.5] The fifth part of the «Seven Bridges» series looks into how we can model a metro network, using Paris as an example.

Seven Bridges to Raku • 9. July 2020
[81] Way back in Pokemon Chiao, Raku, I name dropped Euler and his Seven Bridges of Königsberg. Now the time has come for doing something about those bridges, so to speak...

Rash Again - The promise • 3. May 2020
[71] Part seven about Rash, the Raku Shell

Rash - A Raku Shell • 13. April 2020
[67] Raku has good support for running external programs, so why not write a shell?

Exploring Rebless with Raku • 12. February 2020
[57] Exploring «rebless».

Raku and the (Re)blessed Child • 12. February 2020
[56] Why doesn't «rebless» work in Raku anymore?

Off Course • 22. December 2019 (with an update 28. December)
[47] About my «Beginning Raku» book and course.

From Perl 6 to Raku (With Love) • 24. October 2019 (Updated 17. May 2020)
[38] About the language rename, and this new website.

Easy as Six • 10. August 2019
[26] Corrections and comments to my «Easy as Six» talk at PerlCon 2019 in Riga.

DIY Cryptography with Raku. Part 5: Real Text • 26. May 2019
[14] Encrypting Real Text.

DIY Cryptography with Raku • 21. April 2019
[8] This article presents a home made cryptographical algorithm by yours truly. Cryptography DIY is a bad idea, but I'll have a go at it anyway.

Raku Gather, I Take • 31. March 2019
[4] Displaying files with gather/take, a powerful mechanism for semi-asyncronous execution.

Raku Colonoscopy • 24. March 2019
[3] Everything you'd ever want to know (and much, much more) about the colon (the : character) in Raku.

Gibberish by Raku • 17. March 2019
[2] A Gibberish Generator, giving us random gibberish in return for a real text.

Raku EU Edition • 10. March 2019
[1] Raku adapted to EU Usage, where we use instead of $ to identify scalars.

# Title Challenge Number Published
[298]Sort of Reverse with Raku27820. July 2024
[297]Strong Count with Raku27712. July 2024
[296]Complete Maximum with Raku2767. July 2024
[295]Broken Digits with Raku27526. June 2024
[294]Goat Bus with Raku27423. June 2024
[293]B of A with Raku27315. June 2024
[292]IP Score with Raku2728. June 2024 (Updated 11. June)
[291]Ones by 1 with Raku27130. May 2024
[290]Distribute Positions with Raku27026. May 2024
[289]Distribute Or... with Raku26913. May 2024
[288]Numerous Numbers with Raku26811. May 2024
[287]Every Product Counts with Raku2673. May 2024
[286]Uncommon as X with Raku26628. April 2024
[285]33% Word with Raku26518. April 2024
[284]Greatest Target with Raku26412. April 2024
[283]Target Merge with Raku2634. April 2024
[282]Positively Equal with Raku26226. March 2024
[281]Two Elements with Raku26120. March 2024
[280]Unique Rank with Raku26014. March 2024
[279]Day Parser with Raku2599. March 2024
[278]Even Sum with Raku2581. March 2024
[277]Curently Reduced with Raku25725. February 2024
[276]Merged Maximum with Raku25612. February 2024
[275]Mostly Odd with Raku2559. February 2024
[274]Reverse Power with Raku25430. January 2024
[273]Weakest Split with Raku25323. January 2024
[272]Uniquely Special with Raku25220. January 2024
[271]Lucky Concatenation with Raku2519. January 2024
[270]String Index with Raku2502. January 2024
[269]Equal DI with Raku24926. December 2023
[268]Shortest Sub with Raku24823. December 2023
[267]The Santa Letters with Raku24717. December 2023
[266]Out of Linear with Raku and Friends2469. December 2023
[265]LaLa Three with Raku2453. December 2023
[264]The smaller Hero with Raku24425. November 2023
[263]Reverse Floor with Raku24316. November 2023
[262]Missing Matrix with Raku24212. November 2023
[261]Arithmetic Prime with Raku2414. November 2023
[260]Acronymous Array with Raku and Perl24026. October 2023
[259]Nothing But Strings with Raku23921. October 2023
[258]Persistently Running with Raku23812. October 2023
[257]Seize the Greatness with Raku2376. October 2023
[256]Changing Loops with Raku2361. October 2023
[255]One Zero with Raku23522. September 2023
[254]Unequally Common with Raku23417. September 2023
[253]Words of a Sort with Raku23310. September 2023
[252]Citizens Max with Raku23127. August 2023
[251]Words and Digits with Raku23019. August 2023
[249]Out of Order with Raku22913. August 2023
[248]Uniquely Empty with Raku2285. August 2023
[247]The 13th Roman with Raku22726. July 2023
[246]Zero Shuffle with Raku22618. July 2023
[245]Arithmetically Good with Raku22513. July 2023
[244]Numbered Notes with Raku2249. July 2023
[243]Boxed Primes with Raku22330. June 2023
[242]Raku Members22224. June 2023
[241]Subsequencially Good with Raku22116. June 2023
[240]Squarefully Common with Raku2205. June 2023
[239]Sorted Expenditure with Raku21931. May 2023
[238]Scored Product with Raku21828. May 2023
[237]Ma[tri]x with Raku21720. May 2023
[236]Sticky Numbers with Raku21611. May 2023
[235]Odd Placement with Raku2157. May 2023
[234]Bagging Scorepoints with Raku21429. April 2023
[233]Fun Route with Raku21322. April 2023
[232]Letters and Groups with Raku21216. April 2023
[231]The Same Toeplitz with Raku2116. April 2023
[230]Killing Numbers with Raku2102. April 2023
[229]Special Account with Raku20924. March 2023
[228]MIS-ing with Raku20818. March 2023
[227]The H Word with Raku2079. March 2023
[226]Paired Time with Raku2065. March 2023
[225]Highest Maximum with Raku20522. February 2023
[224]Monotonically Reshaped Raku20414. February 2023
[223]Quadruple Copies with Raku20311. February 2023
[222]Odd Valleys with Raku2024. February 2023
[221]Pennies by the Numbers with Raku20129. January 2023
[220]Seven Angry Slices with Raku20022. January 2023
[219]Twice as Good with Raku19914. January 2023 (Updated 15. January)
[218]Prime the Gap with Raku1983. January 2023 (Updated 4. January)
[217]Zero Wiggle with Raku19731. December 2022
[216]132 Lists with Raku19625. December 2022
[215]Especially Even with Raku19518. December 2022
[214]Digital Frequalizer with Raku19411. December 2022
[213]An Abundance of Strings with Raku1934. December 2022
[212]Equal Flip with Raku19227. November 2022
[211]Twice as Cute with Raku19120. November 2022
[210]Decoded Capital with Raku19013. November 2022
[209]To a Greater Degree with Raku1896. November 2022
[208]Zero Divisibility with Raku18830. October 2022
[207]Magical Together with Raku18723. October 2022
[206]Unicode Zip with Raku and Perl18616. October 2022
[205]Mask the MAC with Raku1859. October 2022
[204]Sequenced Split with Raku and Perl1842. October 2022
[203]Unique Difference with Raku and Perl18325. September 2022
[202]The Common Index with Raku and Perl18218. September 2022
[201]Hot Sentence with Raku and Perl18111. September 2022
[199]Unique Trim with Raku and Perl1803. September 2022
[198]Ordinal Spark with Raku17928. August 2022
[197]An Imaginary Date with Raku17821. August 2022
[196]Cyclops Be Dammed with Raku17713. August 2022
[195]Permuted Reversibles with Raku1766. August 2022
[194]Perfect at Last with Raku17531. July 2022
[193]Disarmed Ranking with Raku17423. July 2022
[192]Esthetic Sylvester with Raku and Perl17317. July 2022
[191]Primary Five with Raku17210. July 2022
[190]Abundantly First Class with Raku1713. July 2022
[189]The Primorial Soup - a Raku Product17025. June 2022
[188]An Abundance of Numbers with Raku and Perl16919. June 2022
[187]Primarily Prime with Raku and Perl16812. June 2022
[186]Primarily Functional with Raku1675. June 2022
[185]Hexa Diff with Raku16629. May 2022
[184]Doubly Scalable with Raku16522. May 2022
[183]Primarily Happy with Raku and Perl16415. May 2022
[182]Sum and Sum Again with Raku and Perl1638. May 2022
[181]Thirteen Wheatstones with Raku1621. May 2022
[180]Panabecedarian Grams with Raku and Perl16123. April 2022
[179]The Magic Equilibrium with Raku and Perl16016. April 2022
[178]Farey, Moebius and Raku15910. April 2022
[177]Cuban Addition, Primarily with Raku1582. April 2022 (Updated 5. April 2022)
[176]Brazilian Means with Raku15724. March 2022 (Updated 5. April 2022)
[175]Weirdly Pernicious with Raku15618. March 2022
[174]Pisano the Fortunate with Raku15513. March 2022
[172]Padovan is Missing with Raku and Perl1544. March 2022 (Updated 12. March 2022)
[171]Just the Fact with Raku15326. February 2022 (Updated 12. March 2022)
[170]Triangular Rectangle with Raku15220. February 2022
[169]The Tree House with Raku15113. February 2022
[168]Fibonacci Squared Again with Raku and Perl1506. February 2022
[167]Fibonacci Square with Raku and Perl14930. January 2022
[165]Eban Cardano the Third with Raku and Perl14823. January 2022
[165]Pentagon Prime with Raku and Perl14716. January 2022
[164]Fractionally Prime with Raku and Perl1467. January 2022
[163]Palin' Dot with Raku and Perl1452. January 2022
[162]Primarily Ulam with Raku14426. December 2021
[160]Stealthy Calculator with Raku and Perl14319. December 2021
[158]At Sleep at Last with Raku14212. December 2021
[157]Numbly Numbers with Raku1415. December 2021
[156]Add the Table (or not) with Raku and Perl14028. November 2021
[155]The Longest Sort with Raku13921. November 2021
[154]The Workdays are Numbered with Raku and Perl13814. November 2021
[153]Lychrel Longing with Raku and Perl1377. November 2021
[152]Friendly Fibonacci with Raku and Perl13631. October 2021
[151]SEDOL in the Middle with Raku and Perl13523. October 2021
[150]Distinctly Pandigital with Raku and Perl13417. October 2021
[149]Smithe Thee Squarely with Raku and Perl1338. October 2021
[148]Mirrored Hash with Raku1323. October 2021
[147]Con Se Pair with Raku (and perl)13125. September 2021
[146]Odd Tree with Raku (and perl)13019. September 2021
[145]Linked Roots with Raku12912. September 2021
[144]With Raku to Mum's Platform1285. September 2021
[143]Disjoint Conflict with Raku and Perl12728. August 2021
[142]Count Minesweeper with Raku and Perl12622. August 2021
[141]Pythagorean Tree with Raku12514. August 2021
[140]Happy Tug with Raku1248. August 2021
[139]Ugly Points with Raku and Perl12331. July 2021
[138]Of Points with Raku and Perl12224. July 2021
[137]Inverted Salesman with Raku and Perl12118. July 2021
[136]Even Clock with Raku and Perl12011. July 2021
[135]Swap Sequence with Raku and Perl1194. July 2021
[134]Binary Knight with Raku and Perl11820. June 2021
[133]The Rowdy Path with Raku and Perl11720. June 2021
[132]Sequential Squares with Raku and Perl11613. June 2021
[131]Hamilton Unchained with Raku and Perl1155. June 2021
[130]Palindromic Set with Raku and Perl11429. May 2021
[129]Re Re Raku (and Perl)11322. May 2021
[128]Canonical Stairs with Raku and Perl11216. May 2021
[127]Ordered Search for Raku1119. May 2021
[126]Valid Transposee with Raku1102. May 2021
[125]Chowla Squared with Raku and Perl10925. April 2021
[124]Locate the Bell with Raku and Perl10818. April 2021
[123]Self-Deceptive Methods with Raku10711. April 2021
[122]String the Gap with Raku1064. April 2021
[121]Named Roots with Raku and Perl10527. March 2021
[120]Nimbly Fuscous with Raku10421. March 2021
[119]Playing the Zodiac with Raku10314. March 2021
[118]Rare Counting with Raku and Perl1026. March 2021
[117]Packed Origin with Raku (and Perl)10127. February 2021
[116]Fun Sum Time with Raku and Perl10020. February 2021
[115]Subsequently Matched with Raku and Perl9912. February 2021
[114]Read 'n' Search with Raku and Perl986. February 2021
[113]Caesarean Substrings with Raku and Perl9730. January 2021
[112]Reversed Distance with Raku and Perl9622. January 2021
[111]Palindromic Stack with Raku and Perl9516. January 2021
[110]Binary Linked Anagrams with Raku948. January 2021
[109]Pointy Path with Raku931. January 2021
[108]Isomorphic Insertation with Raku9227. December 2020
[107]Count and Jump with Raku and Perl9120. December 2020
[106]Sequenced Multiplication with Raku and Perl9012. December 2020
[105]Magical Sum with Raku and Perl894. December 2020
[104]Arrayed Spiral with Raku and Perl8825. November 2020
[103]Raku - Largest and Longest8721. November 2020
[102]A Different Puzzle with Raku and Perl8613. November 2020
[101]Two Triplets with Raku and Perl856. November 2020
[99]Four Corners with Raku8431. October 2020
[98]Wordly Array with Raku8325. October 2020
[97]Interleaved Factors with Raku8218. October 2020
[96]Common Frequency with Raku8111. October 2020
[95]Positively Candy with Raku and Perl804. October 2020
[93]Counting Water with Raku and Perl7927. September 2020
[92]Rotating Leader with Raku and Perl7818. September 2020
[91]Lonely Sum with Raku7711. September 2020
[90]Primal Words with Raku766. September 2020
[89]Coins & Rectangles with Raku7527. August 2020
[88]Majority Character with Raku7423. August 2020
[87]Sliding Neighbour with Raku and Perl7314. August 2020
[86]Zero Lines with Raku and Perl726. August 2020
[85]Peaked Trim with Raku and Perl711. August 2020
[84]Gray Swapping with Raku and Perl7025. July 2020
[83]Binary Strobe with Raku and Perl6918. July 2020
[82]Zero Order with Raku and Perl6811. July 2020
[80]Numbers and Letters with Raku671. July 2020
[79]Dividing Powers with Raku6627. June 2020
[78]The Palin Digits with Raku6519. June 2020
[77]The Minimum Break with Raku6413. June 2020
[76]The Last Rotation with Raku633. June 2020
[75]The Email Queen with Raku621. June 2020
[74]The IPv4 Product, Raku Edition6123. May 2020
[73]Excelled Find with Raku6013. May 2020
[72]Linked Sum with Raku598. May 2020
[70]Compared Lineup with Raku581. May 2020
[69]An Inverted Prefix by Raku5725. April 2020
[68]Diff Sum by Raku5618. April 2020
[66]Flipping the Raku Wave559. April 2020
[65]Sequential Conjectures with Raku543. April 2020
[64]Vowelled Matrix with Raku5326. March 2020
[63]Stepping Winner by Raku5219. March 2020
[62]Three Colours by Raku5111. March 2020
[61]Nobly Merged Raku506. March 2020
[60]Smallest Cache with Raku491. March 2020
[59]Surviving Dates with Raku4820. February 2020
[58]The Roman Gap with Raku4713. February 2020
[55]The Cryptic Raku Room467. February 2020
[54]Square Dumper with Raku4530. January 2020
[53]From 100 to 200 with Raku4424. January 2020
[52]Olympic Numbers with Raku4318. January 2020
[51]Octally Balanced Braces with Raku426. January 2020
[50]Attractive Leonardo Numbers with Raku4131. December 2019
[49]Multiple Fun with Arrays and Raku4026. December 2019
[48]Reverse Polish Guest Book, Raku Edition3922. December 2019
[46]Datefinder General, A Raku Wordgame3814. December 2019
[45]Weekdays, Daylight and Raku377. December 2019
[44]Vin Knapsack Meets Raku361. December 2019
[43]Morse and Remorse with Raku3520. November 2019
[42]Sliced Dispatch, the Raku Way3413. November 2019
[41]Addition and Multiplication with Raku336. November 2019
[40]The Raku Instance Bar322. November 2019
[39]Dynamic Zero with Raku3124. October 2019
[37]Christmas Twelfth Cometh Raku3017. October 2019 (Updated 3. November 2019)
[36]Bracen C with Raku2911. October 2019
[35]Raku Binary Clock286. October 2019
[34]Historical Intersection with Raku2729. September 2019
[33]String Angling with Raku2619. September 2019
[32]Pokemon Chiao, Raku2515. September 2019
[31]Small Inversions with Raku245. September 2019
[30]A Prehistoric Perl & Raku Fizz-E-Buzz130. August 2019
[29]Random Differential Decomposition with Raku2327. August 2019
[28]Sexy Primes, LZW and Raku2225. August 2019
[27]Euler's URL with Raku2115. August 2019
[25]Amicable Split with Raku209. August 2019
[24]Word Wrapped Weekends, Raku Edition1929. July 2019
[23]Substrings and Queues with Raku1827. July 2019
[22]Ackerman, URL and Raku1721. July 2019
[21]Pythagoras Bitcoin with Raku1613. July 2019
[20]Prime Vigenere and Raku156. July 2019
[19]Van Eck, US States and Raku1429. June 2019
[18]Hofstadter, Friday and Raku1322. June 2019
[17]The Euclid Path to Raku1211. June 2019
[16]FC Matrix with Raku118. June 2019
[15]Roman Numerals with Raku101. June 2019
[13]Squared Ranking with Raku925. May 2019
[12]Perfect Indentation with Raku814. May 2019
[11]Raku The Niven Ladder712. May 2019
[10]Int Erval, by Raku64. May 2019
[9]Rakugrams528. April 2019
[7]Raku P(i)ermutations416. April 2019
[6]From Babylon to Pascal with Raku314. April 2019
[5]Raku from Zero to 3527. April 2019