Off Course

by Arne Sommer

Off Course

[47] Published 22. December 2019 and Updated 28. December.

You may not have heard about my Perl 6 Courses, and I don't blame you.

It has been quite a journey.

It started in September 2018 with my Perl6 In 45+45 Minutes introduction to Perl 6 at the Nordic Perl Workshop in Oslo. The very first time a held a presentation at a conference...

I got positive feedback, and wondered if I could build on it. The idea of a full blown course matured, and I started working on the accompanying textbook first.

The book and course is meant as an introduction to Raku, for people already familiar with programming.

I pitched the course to PerlCon 2019 in Riga, and they accepted it. The organiser asked me to promote it, and the result was my Perl 6 blog Perl 6 Musings (at the absolutely fantastic address «»).

Unfortunately that didn't work out, and the course was cancelled due to too few participants.


Beginning Raku, 1. Edition (December 2019)

Pages: 368

File size: ~ 5 Mbyte (pdf)

I am giving away this first version of the book for free. I do reserve the right to print the book and sell it. You are free to distribute the pdf file or print it. You are also free to distribute printed copies, but you may not get paid for it.

Feel free to use the code samples, either as they are or as inspiration for your own work. Attribution would be nice, but isn't required.

Feedback Welcome

I will be grateful for feedback, and do so at the Github page for the book - or by email to the address shown in the book or at the bottom of this article.

I intend to publish a revised version of the book if I receive feedback that warrants an update.

Not Complete

The next course, «Advanced Raku» continues where this one ends. As the book is meant as a reference, I have chosen to make a combined book for both courses, called «Raku Explained». The second half (the «Advanced Raku» part) is unfinished, but I have published a preliminary Table of Contents and Index so that you can see what the whole book intends to cover.


Raku Explained, v0.01 (December 2019)

Pages: 28 (Table of Contents & Index only)

File size: ~ 71 Kbyte (pdf)

I am also interested in feedback on the topics in the second part (chapter 18 - 32).

This article has also been published as today's article in the Raku Advent Calendar.

28. December Update

A new version v1.01 of «Beginning Raku» is available at