United States of Anagrams
On My Wig

by Arne Sommer

United States of Anagrams with Raku - Part 5: On My Wig

[200.5] Published 11. September 2022.

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Running the program

Note that I updated the «ignore list« extensively while going through the states, as I encountered what I considered «non-words». So you will find suggested words in some of them and not in others. The other benefit of the ignore list (besides getting rid of stupid semi-words), is the fact that the program will run faster. (Because it can ignore whole avenues of possibilities.)

Let us do the states, manually, one at a time:


Quite unimpressive, this one:

$ ./multigrams Alabama
a a a balm|lamb
a a alb|lab am|ma
a baa lam
baa la am|ma
baa lama


Even worse:

$ ./multigrams Alaska
a a la ks
a ask la


Not a single anagram for this one:

$ ./multigrams Arizona


Better, but nothing noteworthy:

$ ./multigrams Arkansas
a ark sans
a nark|rank ass
a asks ran
a narks|ranks as
ark an ass
ask ran as
nark|rank as as
arks an as


This one gave 140 anagrams. Here are the best:

$ ./multigrams California
a coal|cola fir in                # -> a coal in fir | a fir in coal
can fair oil                      # -> fail oil can
can airfoil                       # -> airfoil can
arc|car fail i no|on              # -> i fail on car
coal|cola ran if i                # -> i ran if cola
fail an orc i                     # -> i fail an orc
lair|liar|lira|rail an coif|foci  # -> liar on foci
acorn fail i                      # -> i fail acorn
facial iron                       # -> facial iron
racial info                       # -> racial info
crania foil                       # -> crania foil


Not too bad:

./multigrams Colorado
a cod|doc lo or
a coo lord
a orc do lo
a cool|loco rod           # -> a cool rod
a color do
ad cool|loco or
lad coo or
ado orc lo
ado color
oar cod|doc lo
coda lo or
coal|cola do or
coal|cola door|odor|rood  # -> coal door | cola odor
road cool|loco            # -> cool road


We got one acceptable(ish) anagram:

$ ./multigrams Connecticut
nice cunt cot
cite con cunt
cone|once tic cunt
cent con cut i
cent coin|icon cut       # -> cut cent coin
cocci net|ten nut|tun
cocci tent nu
conic cut net|ten
nonce tic cut
conceit cunt
connect cut i


This one is quite good:

$ ./multigrams Delaware
a a lewd|weld re
a a lewder|welder
a lad re we
a lad ewer|weer|were
a wad leer|reel                # -> a wad reel
a ale|lea drew
a are|ear|era lewd|weld        # -> a lewd era
a awl|law deer|reed
a lard ewe|wee                 # -> a wee lard
a draw|ward eel|lee
a earl|real dew|wed
a wale|weal red                # -> a red whale
a ware|wear led
a alder we
a waled re
a leeward
ad awl|law ere
ad raw|war eel|lee
ad earl|real we
ad wale|weal re
lad are|ear|era we
lad awe re
wad ale|lea re
area lewd|weld                 # -> lewd area
dale|deal|lade|lead ware|wear
dare|dear|read wale|weal
awed|wade earl|real            # -> real awed
award eel|lee                  # -> eel award
aware led                      # -> led aware
alder awe
waled are|ear|era
wader ale|lea

District of Columbia

This one is slow...

Let us consider some alternatives, while we are waiting...

Districtian Alternatives

The District
Pretty lousy, at 34 anagrams. But it was fast. Only one of them makes sense:

$ ./multigrams "The District"
stitch tired|tried   # -> tried stitch

Washington DC
This gives us 300+ anagrams in 8.5 minutes. Only 4 of them works out, sort of:

$ ./multigrams "Washington DC"
and cow nights|things  # -> cow and things
chant dowsing          # -> dowsing chant
stand chowing          # -> chowing standt
watching dons|nod      # -> watching dons

Back to «District of Columbia»:

I gave up after 5+ days, and terminated the program.


This is not too bad:

$ ./multigrams Florida
a lid for|fro         # -> for a lid
a old fir
a lord if
a florid
ad fir lo
fad roil
lad if or
lad for|fro i
far id lo
far old i
far idol              # -> far idol
ail ford
air fold              # -> fold air
dial|laid for|fro
load fir
lard of i
fail rod              # -> rod fail
fair old
foal|loaf rid
fora lid
flair|frail do
flora id


Nothing much:

$ ./multigrams Georgia
a egg i or
a ego rig
a erg go i
a ore|roe gig
a gorge i
gag ore|roe i
ago erg i
rag ego i
oar egg i
gage i or
gear|rage go i
agog re i
agog ire


Oh, well:

$ ./multigrams Hawaii
a haw i i


A short name, and devoid of meaningful anagrams:

$ ./multigrams Idaho
a id ho|oh
a do hi
a hod i
ad ho|oh i
ah|ha do i
aid ho|oh
ado hi


A lot of iapos;s:

$ ./multigrams Illinois
i i ill son
i i nil sol
i i ills|sill no|on
i ill in so
i ill is no|on
i ill ions
i nil is lo
i nil oils|silo|soil|soli
i ills|sill ion
ill ion is
nil oil is


$ ./multigrams Indiana
a a id inn
a a din in
a ad i inn
a ad in in
a an id in
a an din i
a aid inn
a and i in
a ani din
ad an i in
ad ani in
an an id i
aid an in
and an i i
and ani i
ani an id
naiad in


Too short:

$ ./multigrams Iowa
a i ow


Two anagrams, but they do not work out:

$ ./multigrams Kansas
sank as
asks an


Another state without any anagrams:

$ ./multigrams Kentucky


A decent sized collection of anagrams, and the very last one sort of works out:

$ ./multigrams Louisiana
a a i i lo sun
a a i in lo us
a a i in soul
a a i oil sun
a a i lion|loin us
a a oil in us
a an i i lo us
a an i i soul
a an i oil us
a ail i no|on us
a ail i nous|onus
a ail ion us
a ani i lo us
a ani i soul
a ani oil us
a loan i i us
a ulna i i so
a anus i i lo
a anus i oil
sauna i i lo
sauna i oil            # -> i oil sauna


An impressive number of anagrams, given the short name:

$ ./multigrams Maine
a em|me in
a men i
a mien|mine            # -> a mine
an em|me i
ani em|me
amen|mane|mean|name i  # -> i mean
anime                  # -> anime


$ ./multigrams Montana
a man not|ton          # -> not a man
a mat|tam non
am|ma an not|ton
am|ma at non
am|ma ant|tan no|on
an an tom
man an to
man at no|on
mat|tam an no|on
mat|tam anon
moan ant|tan
manna to


A nice collection:

$ ./multigrams Nebraska
a bar|bra kens
a bars|bras ken
a banks re
a narks|ranks be
a bankers
ban|nab ark es
ban|nab ask re
ban|nab rakes
bar|bra as ken
bar|bra snake|sneak   # -> bar sneak
ask ran be
bane|bean arks
bare|bear sank
base nark|rank        # -> base rank
bank as re
bank ares|ears|eras|sear|sera
bark an es
bark sane             # -> sane bark
bask an re
bask earn|near
barn|bran sake
bans|nabs rake        # -> rake bans
nark|rank as be
arks an be
bakes|beaks ran
banes|beans ark
banks are|ear|era
banker as
bakers|brakes|breaks an


I did not bet on a lot of anagrams for this one, and I won:

$ ./multigrams Nevada
a a vend
ad nave|vane

New Hampshire

This one took about 24 minutes, and gave 1700+ anagrams. Here are the good ones:

$ ./multigrams "New Hampshire"
a whimpers hen                    # -> a hen whimpers
ham eh|he new|wen rips            # -> he rips new ham
ham her we nips|pins|snip|spin    # -> we spin her ham
man her we hips|ship              # -> we man her ship
ran hemp we his                   # -> we ran his hemp
hash|shah prime new|wen           # -> prime new hash
harm pen we his                   # -> we harm his pen
harem new|wen hips|ship           # -> new harem ship
manes|manse|means|names her whip  # -> names her whip

New Jersey

This one is a bummer:

$ ./multigrams "New Jersey"
jeer newsy
jersey new|wen

New Mexico


$ ./multigrams "New Mexico"
ice ex mown
con ewe|wee mix
con mew ex i
cow me ex in
cow men ex i
cow mien|mine ex
cox me we in
cox me new|wen i
cox men we i
cox mien|mine we
cox wine me
exec i mown
exec in mow
mice ex now|own|won
mice new|wen ox
nice ex mow
nice mew ox
come we nix
come ex win
cone|once we mix         # -> once we mix
coin|icon mew ex
mince we ox
mince ex ow
wince me ox

New York

Only three anagrams, but two of them work out:

$ ./multigrams "New York"
key worn    # -> worn key
yen work    # -> yen work
rye know

North Carolina

This one gave us about 2100 anagrams in 280 minutes. The top ones:

$ ./multigrams "North Carolina"
a an orc horn lit            # -> an orc lit a horn
a ran coil|loci north|thorn  # -> a coil ran north
can trail|trial honor        # -> can honor trial
arc|car halo in torn         # -> torn halo in car
canal horn riot|tiro|trio    # -> canal riot horn
inhalator corn               # -> corn inhalator

I especially like the last one... (It may be an alias for a Combine Harvester.)

North Dakota

Not too bad, with 260 anagrams in 5.5 minutes. The top ones:

$ ./multigrams "North Dakota"
and ark tooth  # -> ark and tooth
tankard hoot   # -> tankard hoot


Short, and with only one anagram:

$ ./multigrams Ohio
oho i


Not too bad:

$ ./multigrams Oklahoma
a ham look             # -> look a ham
a lam hook
ah|ha am|ma look
ah|ha amok lo
ham oak lo
oak lam ho|oh
lama hook              # -> lama hook
halo amok
koala ohm


I had expected some more:

$ ./multigrams Oregon
ego nor
gone or
ergo|gore|ogre no|on   # -> no gore


Another one that did not deliver:

$ ./multigrams Maryland
lad ran my
lam an dry
land army              # -> land army
lard an my
lard many|myna
madly ran              # -> madly ran
randy lam


Another long wait at 315 minutes. Then we got 1451 anagrams. Only three of them work out:

$ ./multigrams Massachusetts
a ash|has secs mutts  # -> a sect has mutts
ash|has mass cutest   # -> has cutest mass
sash masts cute       # -> cute sash masts


Oh, well:

$ ./multigrams Michigan
a chiming
am|ma chi gin
cam gin hi
cam nigh i
ham icing   # -> icing ham
mica nigh
acing him   # -> acing him
gamin chi
macing hi


About 250 anagrams in less than 10 seconds. The best ones:

$./multigrams Minnesota
a men sin to                  # -> a sin to men
a mien|mine snot|tons         # -> mine a snot
a neon|none mist|smit         # -> a neon mist
a eons|noes|nose|ones mint    # -> a mint nose
am|ma net|ten i son           # -> i am son ten
am|ma sonnet|tenons|tonnes i  # -> i am sonnet
as eon|one mint               # -> as one mint
at emos|some inn              # -> at some inn
aim nest|nets|sent|tens no|on # -> aim on nest
man site|ties no|on           # -> no ties man
man toes in                   # -> man toes in
ant|tan semi no|on            # -> no semi tan
amen|mane|mean|name sin to    # -> mean to sin
main notes|onset|stone|tones  # -> main notes
aims net|ten no|on            # -> aims on net
mast|mats|tams eon|one in     # -> on one mast
inane most|toms                         # -> inane toms
manes|manse|means|names into            # -> into means
mates|meats|steam|tames|teams in no|on  # -> in no teams
amino nest|nets|sent|tens               # -> amino nest
antis|saint|satin|stain me no|on        # -> stain on me
antis|saint|satin|stain omen            # -> satin omen
atoms|moats nine              # -> nine atoms
inmate son                    # -> inmate son
inmates no|on                 # -> no inmates
anoints|nations me            # -> anoints me
nominates                     # -> nominates


This one took 18 minutes, but the result did not live up to the expectation:

$ ./multigrams Mississippi
i imp piss|sips sis
i pimp sis sis
i imps sip sis
i imps piss|sips is
i isms|miss|sims pip sis
i isms|miss|sims sip sip
i isms|miss|sims pips is
i pimps is sis
imp sip is sis
imp piss|sips is is
pimp is is sis
imps sip is is
isms|miss|sims pip is is
pimps is is is


Another one with few anagrams:

$ ./multigrams Missouri
i i rum sos
i i rums so
i i muss|sums or
i is rum so
i is sum or
i rim so us
i sir sumo
i isms|miss|sims our
iris sumo


This one took 24 minutes, and gave 229 anagrams. The best ones are:

$ ./multigrams Pennsylvania
anal envy nips|pins|snip|spin              # -> anal spin envy
nanny asp|pas|sap|spa evil|live|veil|vile  # -> evil nanny spa
panels|planes navy in                      # -> planes in navy

Rhode Island

This one took a mere 5 minutes, but it generated 1580 anagrams. The best ones are:

$ ./multigrams "Rhode Island"
a shed lord in                       # -> a lord in shed
a shined lord                        # -> a shined lord
an odd relish                        # -> an odd relish
an older dish                        # -> an older dish
add|dad her lions|loins              # -> add her lions
hand soldier|solider                 # -> hand soldier
hard delis|idles|sidle|slide no|on   # -> no hard slide
arid|raid old hens                   # -> raid old hens
lair|liar|lira|rail shodden          # -> shodden liar
adorn|radon shield                   # -> radon shield
ladder|larded his no|on              # -> on his ladder
addles|saddle rhino                  # -> rhino saddle
handle rods i                        # -> i handle rods
radish olden                         # -> olden radish
island horde                         # -> island horde
hardline dos|sod                     # -> hardline sod
inhalers odd                         # -> odd inhalers

South Carolina

5100+ anagrams in about 2 hours. The best:

$ ./multigrams "South Carolina"
a a torch in soul                # -> a torch in a soul
a a school in rut                # -> a school in a rut
a a chorus in lot                # -> a chorus in a lot
a arc|car hot in soul            # -> a soul in a hot car
a arc|car lush in too            # -> in too lush a car
a hat cool|loco ruins            # -> ruins a cool hat
a coal|cola host|shot ruin       # -> ruin a cola shot
a halo cuts iron                 # -> a halo cuts iron
a halo incur sot                 # -> a halo incur sot
a lash corn i out                # -> i lash out a corn
a halt|lath coin|icon ours|sour  # -> halt a sour icon
a lain|nail such root            # -> nail such a root
a lain|nail chorus to            # -> chorus to a nail
a lair|liar|lira|rail such onto  # -> onto such a rail
a ails|sail ouch torn            # -> ouch a torn sail
a rain cools hut                 # -> rain cools a hut
a chain|china lot ours|sour      # -> a sour china lot
a social hot run|urn             # -> a social hot run
a coital rush no|on              # -> on a coital rush
a harlot cousin                  # -> a harlot cousin
can authors oil                  # -> authors can oil
anal stoic hour                  # -> anal stoic hour
aura coltish no|on               # -> no coltish aura
coal|cola as hot ruin            # -> hot coal as ruin
coal|cola ran his out            # -> his coal ran out
coal|cola hats|shat in our       # -> shat in our cola
coal|cola outran his             # -> outran his cola
hail auto corns|scorn            # -> hail auto scorn
canal hot is our                 # -> our canal is hot
aloha citrus|rustic no|on        # -> no rustic aloha
casual|causal hot iron           # -> causal hot iron
sharia clout no|on               # -> no sharia clout
cahoot insular|urinals           # -> cahoot urinals
casino halt|lath our             # -> our casino halt
cahoots urinal                   # -> urinal cahoots 
coauthor nails|slain|snail       # -> slain coauthor

South Dakota

200 anagrams in 3.5 minutes. The two anagrams that sort of makes sense:

$ ./multigrams "South Dakota"
a hat kudos to        # -> kudos to a hat
a ask do hut to       # -> ask to do a hut


Only two anagrams, and both of them make sense. Sort of:

$ ./multigrams Tennessee
seen teens|tense   # -> seen teens
sense teen         # -> teen sense


I did not expect much, but two working anagrams is impressive:

$ ./multigrams Texas
at sex
ax set   # -> ax set
sat ex
taxes    # -> taxes


Low expectations, but it turned out ok:

$ ./multigrams Utah
a hut   # -> a hut
at uh


This one did not deliver:

$ ./multigrams Vermont
vet morn|norm


Too many i's I suspect:

$ ./multigrams Virginia
a virgin i
via rig in
via grin|ring i
van rig i i
vain rig i
raving i i


The real deal, not the DC one. 275 anagrams after half a minute. The best ones:

a thong wins                 # -> wins a thong
ash|has gin town|wont        # -> town has gin
hat snowing                  # -> snowing hat
ant|tan showing              # -> showing tan
gash|hags|shag in town|wont  # -> shag in town
hats|shat owning             # -> owning hats
want hosing                  # -> want hosing
hating owns|snow|sown        # -> hating snow
wanton sigh                  # -> wanton sigh
washing not|ton              # -> not washing
awnings hot                  # -> hot awnings
swathing no|on               # -> no swathing

West Virginia

22 minutes and 1000+ anagrams, of which 6 work out:

$ ./multigrams "West Virginia"
a new rig visit                  # -> a new rig visit
a wet virgin is                  # -> a virgin is wet
a revisit wing                   # -> revisit a wing
astir|sitar|stair viewing        # -> stair vieving
trivia sewing                    # -> trivia sewing
waiving rites|tiers|tires|tries  # -> waiving tiers


Not too bad:

$ ./multigrams Wisconsin
cow in sins
cow inn sis
cow sin sin
cow inns is
cons i wins
cons win is
cows|scow i inns
cows|scow in sin
cows|scow inn is
coins|icons|scion|sonic wins  # -> sonic wins
scows i inn
scows in in
scions win


Three anagrams that work, sort of:

$ ./multigrams Wyoming
go win my
wig my no|on             # -> on my wig
gym i now|own|won        # -> i own gym
gym wino                 # -> gym wino
gown i my
owing my

And that's it.

Or «On my wig», as they would say in Wyoming. Well, probably not. But they should...

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